What I’ve learned so far…..{Confident Clients}

This is something that I have wanted to talk about for a while now. Making your clients comfortable and confident in front of your camera. As a wedding and portrait photographer I don’t usually work with people who know how to model. As the photographer, it is my job to make them look the best that they can. It is my job to make them look like they are used to being in front of the camera. So, how do I do this in such a short amount of time.

Now, I don’t want you to think that I believe that I know everything. This is just what has worked for me. It really all comes down to one thing!! Talk. Yes, I said talk. Of course it is good to know how to flatter their body type with posing, and using good lighting. But if you don’t talk to them they will look awkward, because they feel awkward. Since I started in photography I have always just done this naturally, but I never realized how important it was until I was photographed myself. I stood there wondering if I was doing what they wanted, if my hands were in the right spot, if they wanted me to smile or not. Since I did not know what to do I felt so confused and awkward, and therefore the photos were not relax or confident.

When I am behind the camera I am a completely different person. Normally I am rather quiet and don’t talk a whole lot. But when I get a camera I talk non-stop. And the reason I do this is because my photos benefit from it. I am constantly giving direction and encouragement. I may sound goofy to people around me, but it’s worth it. I get excited and tell them how amazing they look and they relax and get more confident as the shoot goes on. I cannot stress enough how important it is to continually talk to and encourage your clients. Here are a few examples of the results of talking to your clients. You get real smiles and relaxed/confident model faces. 🙂

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