Training the husband :-)

Daniel is going to start second shooting for me at weddings. He already has one under his belt and has decided that he likes it! Yay for me! I LOVE having my husband with me while I’m working. 🙂

Daniel is actually pretty good with the camera!!! But he needed to be a little more familiar with settings and lighting, so we went to the park. I put on a pretty pink dress and grabbed the camera and we went to my new favorite location, Terry Park! I showed him the difference between good and bad light and how to identify it. Then I told him to shoot in Manual and set his own settings. Previously when he has taken pictures he put it on an Auto setting or I set his settings for him, but not anymore. 🙂 He can do it all now. Here are some photos that my amazing husband took of me!

IMG_7903 IMG_7962 IMG_8014 IMG_8050