The Technical Side

I recently upgraded my monitor from an Asus to two Dell Ultrasharp monitors. For those who don’t know, I am terrible with computers and technology. I break anything that runs on electricity just by walking by it. It does not like me. I know what I need to in order to edit and print photos, but with all the technical stuff I am completely lost. And that is where my husband comes in. Without him I don’t think I could have a successful business. He is my tech support. 🙂 Daniel is my computer nerd. He makes sure that all my pictures are safe and backed up properly. He makes sure I have the correct computer parts that I need to do my job. And he fixes everything that I break. It’s actually funny, he made it to where my photos are stored in his office instead of mine, that way I don’t mess them up. 🙂 I am not allowed to go near it.

So, on to my latest update. He was telling me that my editing could be more efficient with two monitors. I thought he was crazy. But he was keeping a lookout for a good deal and found the Dell Ultrasharp. We went ahead and got two, that way I had identical monitors. And I am loving it!!! I can’t tell you much about the specs on the monitors because, again, I know nothing about computers. But I can tell you what he told me. 🙂 The Dell Ultrasharp is an ips screen (whatever that means), it is a 23″ screen, and it is made for better color consistency. With my old monitor I had a lot of trouble with head aches and my eyes hurting after being on the computer a while. These seem to help a great deal with that.

Here are some photos of my new setup. I get the laptop out for Harry Potter. 🙂