Danielle {Senior 2013}

This beauty is Danielle! She is a Senior from CCA. This was one of my all time favorite shoots!!! Danielle and her mom are the sweetest people I have ever met. I enjoyed every minute that we spent together. In addition to be sweet, this girl is outrageously gorgeous! For her photos we went to Downtown Grapevine. We took some by the train station and then we went to the Botanical Gardens. Danielle, I hope that you enjoy your photos, and enjoy the rest of your senior year!

Have a great day!

IMG_0148 IMG_0181 IMG_0190 IMG_0229 IMG_0272 IMG_0292 IMG_0335 IMG_0342 IMG_0363 IMG_0402 IMG_0405 IMG_0423 IMG_0450 IMG_0500 IMG_0549 IMG_0573 IMG_0591 IMG_0608 IMG_0686 IMG_0712 IMG_0762 IMG_0789 IMG_0804