I am starting a new referral program!! I have some pretty amazing clients who refer friends and family to me all the time and I want a way to show my appreciation. 🙂 My business would not be where it is today without my loyal clients!!I have been thinking about setting up a referral program […]

I have wanted to meet the amazing Katelyn James since I first started following her blog over a year ago. Katelyn (in my opinion) is the best wedding photographer out there! Her photos are amazing, her personality is so fun and sweet, and she is an awesome business woman! When Katelyn started offering coaching sessions […]

Ok, so I have been putting this off way too long. I was going to change my prices in January, but I absolutely hate doing it. But it was necessary. In Texas you have to show a profit on your taxes every 3 out of 5 years to be considered a business, and what I […]

I recently upgraded my monitor from an Asus to two Dell Ultrasharp monitors. For those who don’t know, I am terrible with computers and technology. I break anything that runs on electricity just by walking by it. It does not like me. I know what I need to in order to edit and print photos, […]

I have been needing a macro lens for some time now. I finally decided which one I wanted and that it was time for me to get it!!! My new 100mm macro lens came in last night. I have not had much chance to test it out yet, but here are a few shots I […]

Hello! It’s Monday and September is going by so fast. These past few months just seem like a blur to me. So I was trying to figure out what to blog about today and I realized that I never put my Harry Potter photo shoot on here. So, get ready. Just in case you don’t […]

Ok, today I thought I would blog about some of the equipment I use and what my favorites are. First of all, I am a Canon girl! I love Canon! I have been using Canon cameras since my first little point and shoot. I worked at a portrait studio for a short time while in […]

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