Harry Potter

Hello! It’s Monday and September is going by so fast. These past few months just seem like a blur to me. So I was trying to figure out what to blog about today and I realized that I never put my Harry Potter photo shoot on here. So, get ready. Just in case you don’t know, I love Harry Potter.

My good friend Joyce and I decided to have a Harry Potter themed shoot. I met Joyce back in April this year. I took her senior photos and we just clicked. A couple months after her senior photos we got together for these. I took some of her and then she got to hold the camera and take some of me. Oh, yeah, and there was this teenage boy on a bike who was calling us nerds the whole time.We had fun though.

🙂 I hope you enjoy! Have a wonderful Monday!!!!

Ok, just for fun. Here are some outtakes 🙂 This photo above was very difficult to get because I have a hard time being serious. So, there are several photos that are quite hilarious. 🙂