Farm Animals

My baby sister is an outdoors girl! Kylie and I have been raised by the same parents but so differently. Mom and dad are in a different stage of life with her than they were with me and my brother. (There are 16 years between my sister and I.) When I was growing up my dad and I worked on cars and we lived in a small town. I had so much fun rebuilding a beautiful 66 fastback mustang when I was younger. But with Kylie, dad is teaching her to hunt and take care of her farm animals and they live on 100+ acres of land.

She absolutely loves animals of all kinds. This brings me to today’s post, Kylie has a new baby goat. Kylie let me know that one of her goats had a baby, so I decided to go over there and get a few photos of her with her animals. She is so funny, she will go out there are just sit and play with the goats. Me personally, I think that they are stinky and funny looking, but she adores them. 🙂 While I was out there shooting the different goats with Kylie I had one of the animals following me around. She would come right up to me and just stare at me. When I was shooting she actually scared me because I was looking through the camera and did not realize how close she had gotten. When I brought the camera away from my face I saw this huge donkey face right up next to me. I think I actually screamed a little and Kylie busted out laughing at me. Bella, the donkey, continued to follow me around the entire time.

Well, here you go, meet the new baby, Ore.

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