Ok, my sister is getting too old!!! I told her to stop growing but she didn’t listen to me. Man she looks so grown up in these photos. Every few months I have to make her put on a pretty dress and take a few photos and it amazes me how much she changes in just a few short months. And sometimes she doesn’t want to take photos (I know crazy right?) This was one of those times. She just did not want to do anything. So needless to say I got some pretty funny faces from this shoot. I actually cherish these photos of her being stubborn because I am able to capture the many faces of Kylie that I see ALL the time. 🙂 So I hope that you enjoy this less than perfect shoot.

2014-06-17_0003 2014-06-17_0004

Oh Kylie 🙂
2014-06-17_0005 2014-06-17_0006 2014-06-17_0007 2014-06-17_0008Nala decided that she wanted to join in the photo shoot

2014-06-17_0009 2014-06-17_0010 2014-06-17_0011 2014-06-17_0012 2014-06-17_0013 2014-06-17_0014
2014-06-17_0015 2014-06-17_0016 2014-06-17_0017 2014-06-17_0018 2014-06-17_0019 2014-06-17_0020 2014-06-17_0021I LOVE this face!2014-06-17_0022 2014-06-17_0023 2014-06-17_0024 2014-06-17_0025 2014-06-17_0026 2014-06-17_0027