Smith Family

I am excited to introduce you to the Smith family! I met this beautiful family through CCA. I absolutely adore these kiddos. They were so energetic, funny, and so sweet. 🙂 I always love it when there is a comedian in the family, it makes the photo session so much fun. See if you can identify which one it is in this family.  We took their family photos in Colleyville at the Nature Center. I hope that you enjoy the photos and have a wonderful Thursday!!

2014-05-28_0002 2014-05-28_0003 2014-05-28_0004 2014-05-28_0005 2014-05-28_0006 2014-05-28_0007 2014-05-28_0008 2014-05-28_0009 2014-05-28_0010 2014-05-28_0011 2014-05-28_0012 2014-05-28_0013 2014-05-28_0014 2014-05-28_0015 2014-05-28_0016 2014-05-28_00172014-05-28_0018 2014-05-28_0019 2014-05-28_0020 2014-05-28_0021