Memorial Day Weekend

This weekend was full of fun, unexpected projects, and some beautiful photos! I feel like so much happened this past weekend. Friday our refrigerator decided to die. 🙁 So we had to make an unexpected purchase. Luckily it was the perfect weekend to buy appliances. Everyone was having a Memorial Day sale. Our old fridge was OLD!! It is so nice to have a bigger and modern fridge. 🙂

Saturday I had an amazing shoot with a beautiful family and then I went to a baseball game. I stopped by to see the kids I used to babysit and the boys were playing in a baseball game! I was so glad that I got to see them play.

Sunday was Daniel’s 27th birthday!! We mostly just stayed at home and relaxed. I am so grateful to have such and amazing husband. And then on Monday we finished up a project that has been on hold for a while. We FINALLY finished up resurfacing our tub!!!

And then Monday night (after talking to Joyce who is England 🙂 I started working on my dresser. I am going to strip it and re-stain it.


2014-05-27_0002 2014-05-27_00032014-05-27_00042014-05-27_00052014-05-27_00062014-05-27_00072014-05-27_00082014-05-27_00092014-05-27_00102014-05-27_00112014-05-27_00122014-05-27_00132014-05-27_00142014-05-27_0015Here are a few photos of the process. I still haven’t taken a photo of it finished yet.

2014-05-27_0016 2014-05-27_0017 2014-05-27_0018 2014-05-27_0019


I got the inside painted a gorgeous teal color!!! And the outside will be stained a gorgeous deep brown. 🙂

2014-05-27_0020 2014-05-27_0021