Micah {Senior 2014}

Here is my first senior for the 2014 season!! And what an awesome senior to start with! Micah was such a natural in front of the camera!!! He did an amazing job and had a great attitude the entire time. 🙂

We took Micah’s senior photos at CCA where he goes to school, and then at The Village in Colleyville. Thank you so much Micah and Shawn for a wonderful afternoon!

IMG_9850IMG_9859 IMG_9902IMG_9951IMG_9426 IMG_9437 IMG_9443 IMG_9452 IMG_9460 IMG_9478 IMG_9525 IMG_9551 IMG_9574 IMG_9583 IMG_9593 IMG_9607 IMG_9620IMG_9640 IMG_9667 IMG_9689 IMG_9694 IMG_9698 IMG_9718 IMG_9769 IMG_9788