Bryson {Senior 2013}

Ok, I am so terrible. My last post was waaaayy too long ago. I have been sick, recovering, and then busy shooting. I need to get back on track now!

Meet Bryson! Bryson is a 2013 Senior from Grapevine HS. I took his sister’s senior photos last year. I absolutely LOVE this family! They are all so sweet and a joy to work with. For Bryson’s photos we went to The Stockyards in Ft. Worth and then on to my favorite place to shoot in Ft. Worth, the abandoned building at Lamar and Lancaster.

IMG_8237IMG_8316 IMG_8278 IMG_8338 IMG_8354IMG_8377 IMG_8442 IMG_8465 IMG_8468IMG_8551 IMG_8557 IMG_8568IMG_8694 IMG_8702 IMG_8729 IMG_8753 IMG_8766