Kaylin {Senior 2013}

Meet Kaylin! Kaylin is another 2013 senior from CCA. Everyone that I have met from there is so sweet and Kaylin is no exception. She is outgoing, fun, and she loves to smile!

For Kaylin’s photos we went to the Stockyards and then to my favorite spot in Ft. Worth. While we were walking around the Stockyards we found this cute little alley so we walked down it and found a beautiful pile of junk. 🙂 There were old pallet, benches, and stuff just thrown everywhere. So we started taking a few photos back behind this little building. After a couple of minutes a lady came out the back door of the building. She asked us why we wanted to take photos with the trash. We told her that it was beautiful for photos. She just kept saying how ugly it was, she just couldn’t understand. The contrast between a pretty girl in a pretty dress and the piles of junk was beautiful!!! I guess this proves that one mans trash is another mans treasure (or beautiful picture)!!!!

Anyway, I hope that you enjoy the photos. And have a wonderful Thursday!!!!

IMG_6502 IMG_6603 IMG_6606 IMG_6614 IMG_6618-Edit IMG_6677-Edit IMG_6720-Edit IMG_6771 IMG_6777-Edit IMG_6786 IMG_6814 IMG_6835 IMG_6850 IMG_6855 IMG_6963 IMG_6974 IMG_6976 IMG_6985 IMG_6991 IMG_7011 IMG_7037