A little bit of everything…

Like I said yesterday, I can’t seem to get caught up. And I was thinking last night that I have not even told you about my Christmas, New Years, or anything in between.

Well I guess I will start with the progress on our house. We still have a couple rooms to paint including Daniel’s office, the kitchen, and the hall bath. The new floors are all in, but not all the baseboards are back up yet. Daniel has gotten the new kitchen cabinets installed and we have finished staining them. 🙂 We still need to redo the kitchen counter tops. I don’t think we have completely decided what we are going to do to them yet. I still have not unpacked much. I can now walk in my office. (I basically just moved everything against the walls. 🙂 It is a work in progress. It will be awesome! Eventually.

IMG_5234 IMG_5245

My Christmas was wonderful! I loooove getting to spend time with my family. I have such and amazing family! On Christmas Eve we spent the night at my grandparents with my cousins, parents, aunts, uncles, and of course my adorable little sister. We played games all night and then opened presents in the morning. For lunch we visited my other grandparents. We had a house full! I got to see some cousins that I had not seen in forever! At dinner time we went to Daniel’s grandparents house for presents. It was so good to see all the family at Christmas! We are so blessed to have this amazing family. Here is a glimpse into our Christmas celebration.

IMG_5707 IMG_5714 IMG_5720 IMG_5723 IMG_5747 IMG_5753 IMG_5833 IMG_5838 IMG_5845 IMG_5858 IMG_5904 IMG_5912 IMG_6033-Edit IMG_6083 IMG_6101 IMG_6186

Daniel and I spent New Year’s with his family. We spent the evening playing games and laughing at each other. 🙂

IMG_6393 IMG_6397 IMG_6429 IMG_6431 IMG_6434



Well, that was my holiday season. And now, back to work. Here is a preview of a beautiful shoot that is coming soon….. 🙂