Ellitt & Haley {Proposal}

This one was so much fun!! On Friday I arrived at the Arboretum and found my hiding spot and waited with excitement. I got my camera ready and sat, rather impatiently, for Ellitt and Haley to arrive. Haley thought that they were meeting family at the Arboretum for family photos. Just as Ellitt sent me a text letting me know that they were walking in, a Bride and her photographer came right in the middle of the location that I was waiting at. I was trying to find a better spot to hide and still be able to see them and I saw them coming around the corner. So of course, I attempt to look like I am just taking photos of the flowers while I wait to see where he stops. Then they sit down on the bench and I start shooting away! It was so perfect! She had no idea!

Congratulations Haley and Ellitt!! I am so excited for you both!