Where have you been?

I have been meaning to write this post for a while now. As you may have noticed, I have not been on here in quite a while. This year has been somewhat difficult. I have had several people ask me what is going on so I thought I would give you a quick overview of this year.

I have spent the majority of the past 8 months in bed. I have had a non-stop migraine since March. When it all started, the pain was so bad that I was throwing up most nights and nauseous the rest. I have been to a few different doctors so far. They have tried some medications that didn’t help and some that I was allergic to. So I was put on pain medication just to keep me from getting really bad and throwing up every day. I think we have finally found a doctor that will be able to help. (finger’s crossed) He has ordered several different tests and we are waiting for the results. He has done injections into my neck twice now, those things hurt.

Since I have been in bed so much I have been trying to find ways of having fun and keeping my spirits up. I cut my hair and will be coloring it this week. (It will be crazy, just to warn you) My mom and sister have been a very important part in keeping me sane. Kylie can always make me smile. And my amazing husband has been so patient with me! If you have ever had to be stuck in bed for a while you know how frustrating it can get. I took a few months off of photo shoots but have been back at it this month. I am not able to blog my sessions because I am doing all that I can just to take the photos and get them edited in a timely manner. I am hoping that when I am better I will be able to show you all the wonderful photos that I have been taking this fall.

I want to stop and say a special thanks to all of my amazing clients!! I have been getting texts, calls, and emails lately from y’all letting me know that you are praying for me! You guys make my day every time I hear from you. I know that this pain will not last forever and I pray for the strength to get through this gracefully and cheerfully. 🙂

I am gonna leave you with a few photos from this past month because it wouldn’t be a good blog post without photos. 😀

2015-10-06_0002 2015-10-13_0001 2015-10-16_00012015-09-28_0008