And Then There Were Three

Ok, so I thought about the title of this post and almost changed it. So first of all, this does NOT mean that we are pregnant. I am just talking about work equipment. 🙂

A couple weeks ago Daniel started looking at 4K monitors. I asked him why and he said that he was thinking about getting me one for editing. I told him that was silly, I already have two really good monitors. Why on earth do I need a new one? But he didn’t really give my an option. So he ordered it and it came a few days later. We had a few issues getting it all set up. But as soon as I started working on it I was amazed! It is soooo much sharper. At first my eyes didn’t know how to respond. It’s like there were confused. 🙂

So here is a quick glimpse at my new setup.

2015-05-05_0002 2015-05-05_0004