Kaylee {Senior 2015}

Kaylee is a 2015 senior at Colleyville Heritage High School and she will be attending A&M in the fall.

Oh man, this senior session was a dream!! Kaylee is truly stunning. We took her photos at Colleyville Nature Center one day after school. This was our 3rd attempt to take her photos. Our first two appointments were on Saturdays, but both of them got rained out. So we ended up having to take them during the week. And when we finally got to take them the weather was perfect!! Kaylee NEEDS to be a model. Oh my goodness she is gorgeous. Or maybe a fairy-tale princess. 🙂 The last photos that we took in the woods were so dreamy, she looked just like a princess.

Kaylee, thank you for a wonderful afternoon!! I hope that you enjoy your photos!

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