Elyse {Senior 2015}

I met this beautiful young lady during her friend’s senior photo session in November. Elyse is so full of energy and joy. I absolutely adore this girl!! We instantly became friends! I love how genuine she is. She is an excellent role model for anyone and I hope to be more like her one day.

Elyse decided to have her photos taken at Arbor Hills Nature Preserve. Arbor Hills has become one of my favorite locations. It is crowded at times, but it is so beautiful there! On the day that we took her photos it was perfectly cloudy! We did run into a little rain at the end but I am so thankful that it waited as long as it did. 🙂 Here are some of my favorites shots from her senior session.

2015-02-18_0001 2015-02-18_0002 2015-02-18_0003 2015-02-18_0004 2015-02-18_0005 2015-02-18_0006 2015-02-18_0007 2015-02-18_00092015-02-18_00102015-02-18_00112015-02-18_00122015-02-18_00132015-02-18_00142015-02-18_00152015-02-18_00162015-02-18_00172015-02-18_00182015-02-18_00192015-02-18_00202015-02-18_00212015-02-18_00222015-02-18_00232015-02-18_00242015-02-18_00252015-02-18_00262015-02-18_00272015-02-18_00282015-02-18_00292015-02-18_00302015-02-18_00312015-02-18_00322015-02-18_00332015-02-18_0035