Lutz Family

Get ready for some cuteness overload! This was one of my most difficult sessions I have ever had to edit. This adorable little baby made it hard for me to delete any of them!

This precious family is such a joy to be around. We had so much fun and laughed so much on their photo shoot. We took their photos at the Nature Center in Colleyville. It was a beautiful day! I am so glad that the weather has been so good lately! Here are just a few of my favorites (I loved every single one)! Thanks again Lutz family for choosing me to take your family photos I am very blessed to know you all!

2014-12-05_0001 2014-12-05_0002 2014-12-05_0003 2014-12-05_0004 2014-12-05_0005 2014-12-05_0006 2014-12-05_0007 2014-12-05_0008 2014-12-05_0009 2014-12-05_0010 2014-12-05_0011 2014-12-05_0012 2014-12-05_0013 2014-12-05_0014 2014-12-05_0015 2014-12-05_0016 2014-12-05_0017 2014-12-05_0018 2014-12-05_0019 2014-12-05_0020 2014-12-05_0021 2014-12-05_0022 2014-12-05_0023 2014-12-05_0024 2014-12-05_0025 2014-12-05_0026 2014-12-05_0027 2014-12-05_0028 2014-12-05_0029