Luke {Senior 2015}

This is Luke! Luke is another 2015 senior from CCA. We took his senior photos in Colleyville at Sparger park. The light was absolutely perfect that day!!! I love the clouds!!!

Luke is a basketball player and is very tall. I am not used to my clients being taller than me. It was a little different for me. But Luke was the perfect model, he made my job easy! So here are a few of my favorites. 🙂

2014-12-15_0001 2014-12-15_0002 2014-12-15_0003 2014-12-15_0004 2014-12-15_0005 2014-12-15_0006 2014-12-15_0007 2014-12-15_0008 2014-12-15_0009 2014-12-15_0010 2014-12-15_0011 2014-12-15_0012 2014-12-15_0013 2014-12-15_0014 2014-12-15_0015 2014-12-15_0016