Kylie 10 years!

I cannot believe that my baby sister is going to be entering double digits! She is going to be 10 next month! We decided to go ahead and take her 10 year photos before it gets too cold. We went to Addison Circle this time.

I am so proud of this young lady. She is the sweetest and silliest girl that I know. I am in denial that she is so big though. I remember holding her as baby and it seems like it was yesterday. She grew up in the blink of an eye. As we were shopping for her outfits for this session she tried on some skinny jeans. And, they made me cry. Yes, you can now laugh at me. She just looked so grown up in the skinny jeans. As soon as I started crying Kylie started laughing at me. I told her that she wasn’t allowed to grown anymore. She has to stay 10 years old! I love this girl so much! So, here are her 10 yr photos. I hope that you enjoy them. I love you Kylie and you will always be my baby sister <3

And for your enjoyment, I put a few old pics at them bottom of this post. 🙂

2014-10-23_0020 2014-10-23_0021 2014-10-23_0022 2014-10-23_0023 2014-10-23_0024 2014-10-23_0025 2014-10-23_0026 2014-10-23_0027 2014-10-23_0028 2014-10-23_0029 2014-10-23_0030 2014-10-23_0031 2014-10-23_0032 2014-10-23_0033 2014-10-23_0034 2014-10-23_0035 2014-10-23_0036 2014-10-23_0037 2014-10-23_0038 2014-10-23_0039 2014-10-23_0040 2014-10-23_0041IMG_7424IMG_4550IMG_5059IMG_5116IMG_5122IMG_5276IMG_5691IMG_5813IMG_6137IMG_6640IMG_6877IMG_7053IMG_7339