A Dancer and Cheerleader

I went to see my adorable little sister the other day. We were inside playing on the computer and then I asked her if she wanted to go outside. The weather was perfect!!! ( I am so glad for the warm weather) So we stepped outside and decided to jump on the trampoline and of course I had my camera with me, so we took turns with the camera. If you have ever wondered what happens when a dancer and a cheerleader jump on the trampoline together, here you go. 🙂 I was very impressed with her ability with the camera as well. Most of them were in focus and her timing was amazing!! 🙂 So proud of this little cutie!!

AshleyNicolePhotography_GrapevinePhotographer_DFWphotographer_AshleyJock_0431 AshleyNicolePhotography_GrapevinePhotographer_DFWphotographer_AshleyJock_0435AshleyNicolePhotography_GrapevinePhotographer_DFWphotographer_AshleyJock_0436AshleyNicolePhotography_GrapevinePhotographer_DFWphotographer_AshleyJock_0437 AshleyNicolePhotography_GrapevinePhotographer_DFWphotographer_AshleyJock_0433 AshleyNicolePhotography_GrapevinePhotographer_DFWphotographer_AshleyJock_0434