My Biggest Weakness

When I decided to become a photographer full-time I was completely unaware of what all was involved. As most people think, I thought I just had to take photos. Well, going on 3 1/2 years now I have come to realize that to be successful you have so much more to do than to just take photos. My actual photo sessions are just a fraction of what I do. After taking the photos I have to cull and edit them, share them on various social media, and deliver them to clients. I spend a lot of time on my computer! Aside from editing I am constantly researching, learning new techniques to edit and shoot, researching for my next lens or equipment purchase, making documents in photoshop, keeping record of everything for taxes,  and discovering new ways to market my business. The list is always never-ending. But for me the most challenging task is blogging. Yes, I am admitting one of my biggest weaknesses. I am terrible at blogging!!! Every post that I write I struggle with what to say. Sometimes I go back and read some of my posts and wonder what I was thinking. When I talk about a photo session I sometimes (most times)  sound awkward and don’t know how much information to include. I am terrible at personal posts because I always feel like no one wants to know about my Harry Potter obsession or about my fish in my office that I watch when I get overwhelmed. But then, I think about the blogs that I follow! I love to see photos of Katelyn James adorable little dog and her beautifully decorated house. I love getting to know about her and her life. And that is part of her marketing strategy. She draws in people who like the same things that she does, and therefore she draws in her ideal client. So I am just going to keep putting myself out there hoping that someone is listening and can relate. 🙂

I am hoping that with every post the words become easier to write. But, until that time, please be patient with my sometime awkward posts.

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