Editing Buddies :-)

Happy Monday!!! I am cold this morning, bbbrrrrr. It has been a while since I posted anything personal so I thought I would share my new editing buddies with you this morning. A few months ago the betta fish that I had in my office died. 🙁 We had not replaced it, so I just had an empty tank sitting in my office. So a couple weeks ago Daniel and I bought a new fish tank to put in my office. It is a 10 gal tank. Instead of getting another Betta fish we got guppies. They are so stinkin cute, and so active!

The two yellow ones are Luna and Neville. The orange ones are Fred and George. We also got two little Cory Catfish and I named them Dobby and Kreature. Of course these are all names from Harry Potter. 🙂

Oh oh, and I got a new office chair (eekkk) check it out. 🙂

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