New camera bag! {Copper River Bags}

Those of you who know me know that I am a bag lady!! But not a crazy bag lady, well, maybe. 🙂 The most important bag for me is the one that carries my gear! I want to make sure my camera is protected and safe. So, I got a new camera bag!! I was so excited when it finally came in. It took forever, but it was worth the wait!

In the past I have had stylish and functional camera bags. The one thing that my bags have been lacking is durability! I use my camera bag A LOT and it needs to last me a while. My last two bags started showing wear very quickly and just didn’t hold up very well. So I started researching for a durable bag. I decided to get a real leather camera bag. The only problem is that most of them are CRAZY expensive. Then, I found Copper River Bags. They are hand made when you order them and they are made in the USA. This bag is gorgeous and affordable! I haven’t shot with it yet so I can’t give a full review on it yet. But I can tell you my first impression of this bag.

First of all, when you take it out of the box the whole room fills with the scent of leather. 🙂 The leather is nice and thick. It is roomy enough to fit my gear. The strap feels good even with a bunch of weight in the bag. The snaps are stiff at first (very hard to close), but I can already tell they are getting easier to use. This bag has a removable basket inside for your gear. It has adjustable dividers so you can rearrange it to fit your gear. It doesn’t have a ton of pockets, but enough to hold what I need. There is a big pocket on the inside and two small ones inside, also one large pocket on the back of the bag.

What I keep in this bag:

Camera 5D Mark II ~ 24-105mm lens ~ 100mm Macro 2.8~ 50mm lens ~ Extra battery ~ Lenspen ~ Rocket Air ~ CF cards in two cases ~ and of course lip gloss!

IMG_3202 IMG_3203 IMG_3207 IMG_3208 IMG_3211 IMG_3213 IMG_3227IMG_3220 IMG_3239 IMG_3251