Mary {2014 Senior}

Meet Mary! She is such a fun, sweet, and beautiful young lady, and another senior from Colleyville Heritage. 🙂

I love absolutely everything about this photo shoot! The fall colors! The location! And of course the girl! Mary was such a delight to photograph! We started the shoot at the train station in Grapevine. It was very crowded with photographers because it was the perfect day for a photo shoot! After we finished at the station we went to the Botanical Gardens, and again, it was crowded there as well. Even though we had to work around so many other people we managed to get some gorgeous shots. I get excited every time I look at these photos, Mary I had so much fun getting to know you! I hope that you enjoy the rest of your senior year!!!

IMG_4997 IMG_5013 IMG_5032 IMG_5057 IMG_5078 IMG_5113 IMG_5149 IMG_5200 IMG_5242 IMG_5245 IMG_5249 IMG_5372 IMG_5376 IMG_5399 IMG_5414 IMG_5422 IMG_5435 IMG_5466 IMG_5468 IMG_5474 IMG_5619