Michael & Marlow

This was a dream photo session! A beautiful couple, an outrageously gorgeous setting, the perfect outfits, and a huge cloud to give me the perfect lighting!

Marlow is in high school and Michael is going off to NYU this semester. I am so glad that they decided to get photos together before school starts! They are so cute together! I love how easily they can make each other laugh. 🙂 This was one of my favorites!! I hope that you enjoy the photos and have a wonderful Saturday!!! 🙂


IMG_6076 IMG_6093 IMG_6097 IMG_6108 IMG_6114 IMG_6118 IMG_6135-2 IMG_6141 IMG_6144 IMG_6149 IMG_6158 IMG_6186IMG_6203 IMG_6214 IMG_6222 IMG_6247 IMG_6287 IMG_6351 IMG_6358 IMG_6382 IMG_6393 IMG_6431 IMG_6438 IMG_6457 IMG_6518 IMG_6556 IMG_6616 IMG_6622 IMG_6663 IMG_6698 IMG_6705 IMG_6736 IMG_6774