Failure is always an option!

Ok, so as you know I recently shot with my grandpas old film camera. I waited for the film to get developed and I was excited when I got the call telling me that my prints were in. But my excitement was short lived. She told me that the pictures didn’t turn out. She asked if I wanted her to just throw them away or if I wanted to come look at them. So I drove up there and sure enough they were are black. I am not sure what happened. I don’t know if something is wrong with the camera or if I did something wrong. But, like they say in Mythbusters, failure is always an option. I love being able to learn from my failures. So, yesterday Daniel and I took my new car to the park and brought two bags of cameras with us. 🙂 He shot with my digital while I tried 3 different film cameras. I took several different shots at different settings. So, hopefully one of them turns out ok. I will keep you posted, and maybe soon I will have some photos from film to show you. But while I am waiting on that, here are some photos that Daniel and I took of my car with my digital cam.


Not sure what is going on here. 🙂

IMG_4519 IMG_4589 IMG_4598 IMG_4611-Edit IMG_4617 IMG_4629 IMG_4642