Joyce & Brenden <3

I first met Joyce about a year ago. I took this beautiful girl’s senior photos last year. Since then we have become great friends! Joyce is now one of my closest friends.

Joyce attends college at ACU, and that is where she met her boyfriend Brenden. 🙂 These two are soooo cute together. I enjoyed spending time with them both. They are so stinkin’ adorable. I hope that you enjoy these photos. And have a great weekend!!

IMG_7487 IMG_7521 IMG_7528 IMG_7609 IMG_7634 IMG_7639 IMG_7649 IMG_7660 IMG_7666 IMG_7671 IMG_7682 IMG_7687 IMG_7697 IMG_7706 IMG_7726 IMG_7753 IMG_7798 IMG_7855 IMG_7861 IMG_7905 IMG_7911 IMG_7923 IMG_7985 IMG_8041 IMG_8043 IMG_8073 IMG_8086 IMG_8093 IMG_8164