DFW Photo Club Group Photo Shoot

Ok, I guess it’s about time for me to blog about our group photo shoot! I am a part of a photo club in DFW, and we set up a group photo shoot for photographers in the area. We met up at Cedar Hill State Park for some bridal photos. We had 4 different brides to model for us. It was great to shoot with other photographers! We got a chance to learn from each and meet some beautiful brides. I hope that you enjoy some of the highlights from our day. 🙂

IMG_6285 IMG_6290 IMG_6296 IMG_6304IMG_6308 IMG_6316 IMG_6360 IMG_6366 IMG_6370 IMG_6406 IMG_6552IMG_6570 IMG_6571 IMG_6574 IMG_6581 IMG_6596 IMG_6653 IMG_6659 IMG_6684 IMG_6742 IMG_6760 IMG_6775 IMG_6780 IMG_6976 IMG_6983 IMG_6989IMG_7007 IMG_7022 IMG_7084 IMG_7088 IMG_7110 IMG_7114 IMG_7129 IMG_7144 IMG_7148 IMG_7201 IMG_7227 IMG_7282 IMG_7309IMG_6996