I’m back!!!!

Wow, last week was CRAZY!!! I was gone every day. And now that I am back I have a ton a photos to edit. 🙂 So, that means a lot of blog posts coming soon. I can’t even remember were I left off and what has not been blogged. But let’s get started with a cute little one year old.

This precious little boy is Micah!!! I have taken his photos before, and I can’t believe he is already ONE!!! Micah is the happiest baby I’ve ever met. He smiled the entire time for us. Between his smile, adorable dimple, and those gorgeous blue eyes I don’t stand a chance. He is too cute!!! I hope that you enjoy these photos and have a wonderful Monday!!!

IMG_8368 IMG_8390 IMG_8428 IMG_8451 IMG_8467 IMG_8513 IMG_8538 IMG_8568 IMG_8617 IMG_8673 IMG_8682 IMG_8739 IMG_8851 IMG_8859 IMG_8876 IMG_8931 IMG_8957 IMG_9019 IMG_9039