This might be the cutest family I have EVER seen!!! Allie is one of my very best friends. She was a bridesmaid in my wedding. I have not been able to see her much since I got married. We don’t live close to each other anymore. When we were in high school we were on a dance team together. We carpooled every week to dance and got a chance to know each other really well. She is such a sweet Godly woman!!!! Allie and Justin’s sweet little boy is now 9 months (I believe). This is their first official family shoot. Justin was overseas when Landon was born and it was so awesome to see them together!

I hope that you enjoy the photos! Have a wonderful afternoon!!!!

IMG_3137 IMG_3185 IMG_3189 IMG_3238 IMG_3251 IMG_3277 IMG_3319 IMG_3325 IMG_3349 IMG_3380 IMG_3399 IMG_3476 IMG_3512 IMG_3646 IMG_3651 IMG_3654 IMG_3663 IMG_3709 IMG_3742 IMG_3748 IMG_3801 IMG_3829 IMG_3840 IMG_3854 IMG_3861