Daniel {Senior 2013}

I don’t have much time for this post, but I wanted to go ahead and get it up. I have got a busy weekend ahead of me. So, it will be short and sweet. 🙂

Daniel is another 2013 Senior. We took his photos at McPherson Park in Colleyville. We were not there very long, but we managed to get a few good shots. 🙂  I used my new lens for the first time during his shoot. I think I am really going to like it!

IMG_0092 IMG_0109 IMG_0127 IMG_0130-2 IMG_0146 IMG_0160-Edit IMG_0213 IMG_0265 IMG_0305 IMG_0313 IMG_0322 IMG_0362-Edit IMG_0418 IMG_0431 IMG_0441-Edit