Carter {Senior 2013}

This is Carter! Carter is a senior at CCA! We took his photos at TCU in Ft. Worth. I had never been there before, it was gorgeous! I could spend all day there.  It was a beautiful, cloudy day.

Carter was not interested at all in having his picture taken. But he did very well. He looked like I was torturing him the whole morning, but his photos turned out great! I hope that you enjoy the photos! Thanks Carter and Valerie, I enjoyed getting to know you both!!!

IMG_8766 IMG_8772-Edit IMG_8779-Edit-Edit IMG_8867IMG_8846 IMG_8848 IMG_8862-Edit-2IMG_8809IMG_8924 IMG_8973 IMG_8986-Edit IMG_9001 IMG_9036 IMG_9044IMG_9065 IMG_9076 IMG_9095 IMG_9288 IMG_9311 IMG_9327 IMG_9351