5D Mark II

OK, I guess it’s about time I talk about my new camera! I have been wanting the 5D mark II for a long time now. When I was finally able to order it I could not contain my excitement. I think I was about to drive my husband crazy because I would randomly just jump up and down out of excitement. 🙂 The day it arrived I was very excited, but I was not feeling well. So I didn’t get to play with it much.

OK, so about the camera. Here are some of the things that I love about this camera. For one, it is much bigger than my previous one. (Canon T1i) I have long fingers and the 5D fits perfectly in my hands. Also, it has a full frame sensor. Now for those of you who don’t know anything about cameras this won’t make any sense, but trust me, it’s a good thing. 🙂 There are also other technical reasons I love this camera, megapixels, ISO range, fps, and weather proof seal. But the main reason for the upgrade is the full frame sensor. Now, there is an upgrade on the market for the 5D, the 5D markIII. I considered this one, but the price difference was not worth it to me. Maybe one day it will be, but for now the changes on the 5D Mark II are not worth the extra$$$.

I had my first photo shoot with my new camera last weekend! (Tyler’s photos) And man do I love this camera! Even the shutter sound is better. 🙂

I guess that’s it for now.  I can tell you more about the good and bad of the camera after I have had a chance to use it some more. Well, I am off to another photo shoot! Have a wonderful weekend!!!! 🙂