Trip to Arkansas

We recently took a trip up to Arkansas to see family.

On Friday I had a photo shoot with my cousin’s adorable family (post coming soon) and then Saturday we went floating down the Buffalo river. (Well, it was more like pushing the canoe over rocks) When I was younger we used to try and go every year but we hadn’t been in years. I was very excited!!!

Ok, I have to pause the story for some background info. For those of you who do not know, I am allergic to almost everything. I am allergic to fruits, vegetable, nuts, trees, grass, dust, and the worst is cigarette smoke. Ok, back to the story.

So we get on the river and right away we are already having to push the canoe because the river is so low. But we keep going. My beautiful cousin Misty and I get in a canoe together and we get through the rough patches without having to get out. We are having fun and being goofy (as always). We had gone maybe 3 miles and all of a sudden I felt tired. So I tell my dad that I need to take a break. So we start to pull over to the side and I can’t sit up anymore so I lay down in the boat. And the rest is kind of a blur. As I am laying there I start wheezing and having trouble breathing. Daniel gets two Benadryl for me and we wait for about 30 minutes. It still isn’t helping so Daniel gives me my Epi Pen and my dad and Daniel start pushing me down the river so we can get to the car. I still have trouble breathing after the Epi Pen, so my aunt Kay calls 911. My dad is pushing behind the canoe and hits his knee on a rock. So my mom gets in and we keep going. My mom and aunt Kay are trying to get me there as fast as they can. They were so exhausted! A man that we were passing  helped push us through all the way to the car. We finally get to the ambulance and they give me a breathing treatment and watched me for a while. I recovered just fine, I was just very tired and weak. I was sick for a week when I got home. Daniel thinks that I just got a cold or something from laying in the water (in the bottom of the canoe) and going from hot to cold so much. Oh, yeah and I have some goofy tan lines from this adventure as well. 🙂  So, the culprit of all of these problems?  ………….. Evidently we passed someone who was smoking. I did not even smell it this time. It doesn’t take very much for me to have an allergic reaction to it.

With all of that aside, I had a blast getting to see all of my family again! I wish I could go see them more often. Here are some photos of our trip. (There are not very many because I felt bad most of the time.) Btw, excuse my grammar, I know it’s awful.

Playing Washers

The many faces of Griffin 🙂