Nate!!! <3

Oh My GOODNESS!! This little boy is so cute!

I met up with Nate and his beautiful mom at the Colleyville Nature Center. (One of my favorite places!) Nate is such a happy and energetic kid. Some kids do NOT smile for you while trying to take their picture. But with Nate it was hard for him to not smile, and his smile is so contagious! Nate LOVES to fish, he loves superheros and dressing like them, and he loves to run. I have never seen a kid that would run that much.

The photo shoot was very smooth! He did exactly as we wanted and towards the end we even got a serious face out of him. 🙂 After I got home, Nate’s mom told me that he was asking when I was going to come see him again. I can’t wait to come see you Nate!

Enjoy the photos and have a wonderful day!!!