You might recognize this little boy, I took his photos for his 1st birthday. Last Sunday I got to take photos of him with his big sisters!

This was a very interesting photo shoot. I had just gotten back from being at my parents’ house for the weekend and my allergies were going crazy. When I arrived at the park I grabbed my bag to get out of the car and I knocked over a soda and got it all over my jeans. So now my eyes and nose were bothering me, I was soaked and sticky, and very sleepy from taking benadryl. So I get out and I start talking to Jess, and the kids are also having allergy problems. 🙁 But, despite all of this we still managed to have a successful photo shoot. I hope that you enjoy the photos!

And thank you Jess for all your help!!

Bye Bye, see you next time! 🙂