So my good friend Joyce came over the other day and I have been wanting to take some photos in some wildflowers for while now and we decided to just go for it. So we waited for the sun to get low in the sky and we went to a nearby field. Let me tell […]

I have known Jayce since she was 4!!! Oh my goodness I cannot believe she is 16 now! When I was in high school we danced at the same studio and I helped teach some of her classes. Now she is in high school. I’m not gonna lie, that makes me feel a little old. […]

Some of you may recognize this beauty!! I took Joyce’s senior photos two years ago. Since then we have become best friends! I absolutely adore this girl. We instantly bonded over our love of Harry Potter, Pride and Prejudice, and our passion to live for Christ. Not only is this girl sweet and smart, but […]

Yesterday I got my photos from Katelyn!! I just had to show you a few!! Now I just have to decide which one I want on my website and blog. 🙂 Thank you Katelyn!!!

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