This shoot was crazy!!! We met up at the Stockyards in Ft. Worth. Sarah, Billy and I went to my favorite spot in Ft. Worth (the abandoned building at Lamar and Lancaster). It was soooo cold. The wind was so strong we had a hard time standing. And it was so cold that we would […]

This photo shoot was a two-in-one. I took Sarah and Alyssa’s senior photos at the same time. They are really good friends and we had so much fun on this shoot. We started off at the Stockyards in Ft. Worth. We made our way through the Stockyards and found some beautiful spots, and then we […]

This family is so much fun!!!! And the girls are both ridiculously gorgeous! We went to downtown Ft. Worth for these photos. We had a beautiful red truck, pretty dresses, and some cowboy boots. Can’t go wrong with that combination! After our photo shoot we went to dinner in downtown. I had never eaten in […]

Meet Tyler! Tyler is a senior at Covenant Christian Academy. I have to admit I was slightly nervous on this one. Tyler was the first senior guy to have me take his photos. But, Tyler was so sweet and easy to talk to, he knew what he wanted and he smiled at my cheesy jokes. […]

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